Do you want to be on a ML co-op waiting list?

There are two types of Mitchell-Lama co-ops: state supervised (by HCR), and city supervised (by HPD). They have different application procedures.


Mitchell-Lama Connect is HPD’s centralized lottery application portal. Through this portal you can identify open waiting lists, decide whether you meet the family composition, and enter an application for the lottery to be on the waiting lists of the developments you are interested in. If selected for the lottery there are further steps to take. (NOTE: Mitchell-Lama Connect includes both co-ops and rentals).


HCR does not have a centralized application process—applications are done through each building’s management. Use this link to see the list of developments. (NOTE: the list of developments includes both co-ops and rentals).

1. Use the dropdown to select the development on whose waiting list you wish to be.

2. Note the management company for each development in which you are interested, and contact them for an application.