Article 2 to 11 conversion attempt at Cadman Towers

Local pro-Mitchell-Lama group, The Committee to Preserve Cadman Towers (CPCT), fights back

Cadman Towers is a 421-unit development in Brooklyn Heights that opened in 1971. Shareholders at Cadman Towers voted in late August of 2023 to approve the Board-sponsored Article 2-to-11 conversion plan and exit the Mitchell-Lama program. The plan to reconstitute their Mitchell-Lama cooperative as an HDFC (Housing Development Fund Company) cooperative is currently in process.

The effects of this conversion will include quadrupling the prices of apartments, making the apartments unaffordable to the low- and moderate-income working New Yorkers who are eligible for Mitchell-Lama developments. The conversion will also eliminate the decades-long waiting list.

If you are on the waiting list for Cadman Towers, email us and let us know! You can help in the struggle to preserve this Mitchell-Lama co-op so you get your rightful chance to join our community. We also encourage you to join the CU4ML mailing list to receive news on Mitchell-Lama co-ops across the city.

About the Committee to Preserve Cadman Towers

The Committee to Preserve Cadman Towers (CPCT) formed in the mid-1990s in response to the threat of privatization at Cadman Towers. We successfully fought off several attempts to convert our cooperative to market-rate housing. We have organized in opposition to the Article 2-to-11 conversion plan since it was announced. We’ve also worked with Mitchell-Lama residents across the city and state through Cooperators United for Mitchell-Lama (CU4ML) and Mitchell-Lama United (MLU) to enact legislation and policy changes that protect and preserve Mitchell-Lama housing and strengthens the rights of shareholders.

CPCT believes that we must be good stewards of our gift of diverse, decommodified, deeply affordable homeownership, rather than “pull the ladder up behind us.” We are committed to finding sustainable solutions to maintain our buildings and keep our housing affordable for current cooperators and future generations of New Yorkers.

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