Board Officers Elected 2015—2017

At the General Membership meeting of CU4ML on March 28, 2015, the members present elected Directors-At-Large for two-year term to the Board of Directors. At the April 16, 2015 Board meeting, the Board selected new persons who will serve as Officers and Committee Chairmen until the next election in the Spring of 2017.

President Adele Niederman St. Martin's Tower, Manhattan
Vice-president (HCR) Leroy Moorehead Co-op City, Bronx
Vice-president (HPD) Sallie Stroman Gouverneur Gardens, Manhattan
Secretary Eileen King and
Kimberly Ellis-Rogers
Gouverneur Gardens, Manhattan
Rivercross, Roosevelt Island
Treasurer Yolanda Schumann Co-Op City, Bronx
Committee Chairmen
Legislative and Policy Jeanne Poindexter East Midtown Plaza, Manhattan
Membership Mary Foutz Cadman Towers, Brooklyn
Education Christine Fowley Cadman Towers, Brooklyn
Limited Equity Coops Karen Smith Penn South, Manhattan
Speakers Bureau Richard Heitler Village East Towers, Manhattan
Directors At Large
  Joan Cohen St. Martin's Tower, Manhattan
  Barbara Collins Big Six, Queens
  Bernie Cylich Co-op City, Bronx
  Michael Altman Southbridge Towers, Manhattan
  Al Kurchin R.N.A. House, Manhattan
  Elsbeth Reimann Ruppert House, Manhattan

Meetings of the Board of Directors are held on the third Thursday of the month at 6:30pm at
UHAB, 120 Wall Street, Manhattan, 20th floor.


Interested members of cu4ml are welcome to attend the board meetings.