We are redesigning and updating our website. You can still find useful information on this site, but our new look will make it easier to find what you need, and will have current and expanded information for Mitchell-Lama cooperators, people on Mitchell-Lama waiting lists, and the general public.

Our new site will be up by the end of the year.

About Us

We are an organization made up of shareholders of Mitchell-Lama coops who are fighting to keep our homes affordable and in the Mitchell-Lama program—both for ourselves and for future generations of moderate- and middle-income New Yorkers.

We are unequivocally against the privatization of Mitchell-Lama cooperative housing. As shareholders, we have enjoyed so many of the benefits of living in Mitchell-Lama housing. In return, our responsibility to the City has been, and continues to be, to oversee the governance of our buildings in order to preserve them as an affordable housing resource.

Getting Started

CU4ML officially began in March of 2009, though many of the individuals who make up the organization have been working to preserve Mitchell-Lama coops for years. The organization currently includes members from 40 Mitchell-Lama coops around New York City, which provide affordable homes for over 38,000 families.

As individual buildings, we have faced harassment, intimidation, and campaigns of misinformation by those who seek to privatize our homes. We have now joined as one voice to save our affordable coops, protect the rights of shareholders and work to expand the Mitchell-Lama program.



To view and download a copy of the CU4ML Bylaws, Click Here!
This document reflect the amendments adopted April 2, 2011.

ANNOUNCEMENT: Membership Meeting — October 20, 2018

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